25+ Best Real Estate WordPress Themes to Maximize Your Client Trust in 2018

Do you want property owners and sellers to find you online? Then it is time to make your business stand out. With one of our editor’s choice real estate WordPress themes, you can maximize your client trust in 2018.You can be sure you will have one of the most modern and trendy designs to make your business unique above the rest. Each of these themes offers you astounding features to use.When looking at the themes for the first time, they might all look the same. However, when taking a closer look you will see that all the templates have something different to offer. You can change the color scheme, use your own colors, and become creative with different layouts.

You might even find a Visual Composer to help make your design easier. With the drag and drop builder, you can create different pages, making the themes flexible to use. Some other highlighted features are Google Map, filtering tools, property listing comparison and more.

The important thing is you’re spoilt with choice when using one of the award-winning real estate themes.

Top 10 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes:

1. RealtorRealtor

If you need an understated and well-equipped real estate WordPress theme, try Realtor. This theme has a clean look to make your business stand out online.

The design allows your visitor to create their own account and do their own listings. You can upload new properties as the forms offer all users a great interacting experience with the site. What makes the Realtor unique is you can display your listings in different ways.

You get different layouts with the standard list and grid view. Your visitors can use the search and filter tool to make their search easier when looking for something. Another great feature included is the Google Maps addition. This allows you to add your own pins to the map.

Each pin represents a different property on your books. When users inspect the pins they can view the information and direct to link where the properties placed. This is a Tesla Theme, and you can make it your own by viewing it here.

2. GrahaGraha Real Estate WordPress Theme

What makes Graha unique is the fact that it is a map-based theme. You get loads of features and great to use if you are an estate agent or a company. Another astounding thing is you can use it as a single or for multiple users. This means that if you are a real estate company, your agents can list their own properties to sell.

Get things neatly organized by using the Unyson drag and drop page builder to customize your site. You can display all your listings on the Google Map for users to find. You can display the map on the home page use it in the single property pages, or on the search engine.

Another big thing is the themes responsive for mobile users to use as it adapts to the screen size. You get a color picker to choose your preferred color scheme and you have access to unlimited background colors. For a growing real estate business, the Graha offers you unlimited property listings and you have four layouts you can choose.

If you want to start a new real estate, company and need a theme that grows with your business try Graha out now.

3. HouzezHouzez Real Estate WordPress Theme

For a modern real estate theme with everything, you need to create your own online property management system try Houzez. Whether you want to promote a single property or a whole listing or something in between this is the theme to use.

The theme has a flexible design with loads of customization options. You receive five demo modes to help get your business up and running online. With the demos, you can promote your business, use it as a real estate agent, or build a fully fletched real estate website online.

Listing multiple properties with this theme is a breeze and all depends on your needs. Your visitors can submit their own property for sale and you can charge them a fee. With the theme, you can accept payments and use it for recurring subscriptions.

With the Houzez design, users will have no trouble browsing through the available listings. There are individual templates allows you to provide enough information about each property listed on the site. To customize the pages you have a builder tool and it supports IDX to import your listings from different sources.

Houzez is one of the best real estate WordPress themes you can find and has some great features to help promote your business online.

4. ZonerZoner

Zoner is another real estate theme with a well-thought-out design. With the features available, you can make your property business a hit online. The themes made up of 16 layout modes with a comparison tool. Included with the layouts you receive a full-screen map with an advanced search filter.

As an added bonus, you can display a slideshow of the properties and use a combination of features on the homepage. With this theme, your team can list their own properties for sale or visitors can sign up to add their own listing. The theme uses the best plugins and is great to use for a Crowdsource online property listing resource site.

You can also accept PayPal and other payment methods with the theme if you do want to monetize it in this manner. You can send email notifications to your subscribers. Furthermore, you get a wide selection of page templates. With the IDX plugin, you can list MLS properties.

Build your website from scratch via the Visual Composer that features an outstanding building tool. If you need a realtor theme that covers all real estate needs, Zoner offers you this and more.

5. AgentaAgenta Real Estate WP

If you are a realtor that needs to take your business online, Agenta is a real estate WordPress theme that makes this possible. With the drag and drop feature, you can start building your site from scratch. The theme has different shortcodes built into the design.

With the Internet Data Exchange plugin, you can customize and list Multiple Listing Service Properties with ease. Your estate agents can manage their own listings making it easier for all to use. Choose your preferred color design from a wide selection of shades and installing the theme is easy.

With the theme, you get regular updates included with cross-browser support. Choose from 60 different icons for facility use and it supports one-page smooth control. The themes responsive to different screen displays and allows you to use it with other plugins.

The contact forms enhanced to keep an eye on leading prospects and include the renowned Google spam protection on contact forms. You get a Google Map with Google Web Font integration and a property slider. The themes search engine optimized and includes a sticky header.

So if you are ready to expose your property business online try Agenta house.

6. Luster Luster

Luster is one of the largest realtor WordPress themes you can find online. The themes feature packed and you receive seven demo versions to try out. With a few clicks, you can have any of the demos working for you in no time.

The creators of Luster even made a promise that they would update the theme with a new demo release at all times. Each of the layouts presented is not the same and offer you multiple uses. You can create your own real estate website with all the customizable features available.

You receive sidebar widgets to use, WooCommerce support for selling items directly on the site, MLS compatible, and IDX ready. There is a loaded shortcode library to insert different elements into your pages and posts. If you want to see how your website will look online, look at one of the Luster demos now.

7. Realtyspace RealtySpace

With Realtyspace, you can create your own online real estate business with the five layouts provided. Building your website is made easier with the drop and drag feature.

List your listings by location on the provided Google Maps and display it full screen with your own animated slideshow. The background displayed with video is not only impressive but sure to be an eye-catcher as well. You can make your homepage attention grabbing for visitors as the search tool helps them to find what they are looking for with ease.

You can display your team with their agent profiles or display testimonials, blog feeds and more and show property in a table format with their main features. Alternatively, use the grid layout to display a brief description with a photo of the property.

There is a clickable Google Map for visitors to use with custom markers showing specific areas. Other useful characteristics of the theme are the image gallery, color schemes, front-end forms for registering, a contact page and more. You receive with the theme high-quality plugins and a bundled Visual Composer.

The feature list goes on and on so try Realtyspace out now and make this theme your home online.

8. Real Places Real Places

Hot off the press with an all-new design is the Real Places theme. This real estate WordPress theme will help you launch your business in no time.

Choose from three different versions each offering you a look and feel that works for you. You can apply the look with one click and get your real estate agency live for all to find online. The theme has an elegant and stylish design to display the properties you are selling.

Make the properties center stage on the pages with standout photos of each property. With the full-screen image slider found on the homepage and image galleries, you can list each property individually. You can upload videos and display property on the Google Map by location.

Using the theme is easy as it offers you custom posts and fields to add important information for each listing. The great thing is users can easily filter the listings to find what they need. The Real Space in a great theme to have and has received remarkable feedback from users.

9. WP Residence WP Residence Real Estate

No themes more organized than the WP Residence real estate WordPress theme. If you are an independent agent or real estate agency, try this one out.

Create your own custom advanced search with the included property fields and control the global header. There is a property theme slider, Revolution Slider, Google Maps, and more. The great thing is you can overwrite the global options if preferred.

If you prefer building, a subscription-based service the WP Residence has all the features to make this happen. You can have your visitors submit their own property free or ask them a small fee. Included there is a recurring option and you can create multiple packages with termination dates.

You choose which listings you want displayed on the site and pages. You can charge visitors for each listing added and charge them a fee to display their property on the page. WP Residence is one of the best realtors themes you can buy try it out now.

10. WP Pro Real Estate 7Real Estate 7

To feature the most popular listings online, WP Pro Real Estate 7 has six different variations making this possible. The themes flexible and you can create more than one real estate website with it.

You can have an interactive map displayed on the homepage linking to your listings or you can display your brand with a full-screen image display. You can mix and match the different elements of each homepage layout to make your site stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The great thing is you can input and manage your listings from the front end of WP Pro Real Estate 7. This makes it easier for your team to use the theme. With the custom build forms, you can update or add to your listings easily. Other useful features included are the online booking system to schedule appointments and you can assign multiple agents to a single listing.

Try WP Pro Real Estate 7 out you will not be disappointed with the customization options available in this theme.

Other Great Real Estate WordPress Themes:

11. Estate Pro

Whether you are an estate agent, agency or broker Estate Pro has a gorgeous design and is user-friendly to use. The useful features in the theme make it possible for you to have your website up and running in no time. Some of the highlighted features are the agent registration, advanced search option, property submission, and free & paid accounts.

You can create multiple membership levels with restricted access to pages and more. The admin pages are easy to manage and use and offers you an expanding list of membership reports. You can offer your members discount with customizable price rules. Visitors have access to an advanced search filter to view what they are searching.

The search form supports select field, radio, and has a checkbox. You can limit the number of posts and more each user creates. Furthermore, you can easily customize a custom login according to your needs. Customize your homepage with four homepage variations and add listings manually to the Google Maps.

Another advantage of the theme is you can display content on your page with the CSS3 effects/animation to make it unique and stand out. Try Estate Pro out for yourself now.

12. FindeoFindeo WP Theme

If you want to create your own realtor website Findeo has everything available for you to design the best online real estate agency site.

With the pre-built layouts, you can help your clients find the property they want to buy or sell with ease. There is a basic search tool to view properties available in the database. Alternatively, they can use the advanced search tool if they know what they want.

You can create maps for your listings making them interactive and easy for users to use. You receive included a Google Map that is great for visitors to find property or listings according to a geographic basis. They can search the map and find a property by location within a certain radius or an address.

Your visitors can create an account allowing them to save their favorite listings or upload their own profile. The great thing is users will have an easy process to log in to the front-end forms. Findeo is a fully functional multiple user platform with pricing plans and payment options.

You can change the original theme with the Visual Composer to make the design your own, try it out now.

13. Locate Real Estate Theme Locate WP Theme

Another powerful and responsive theme for realtors is Locate. This is a mobile-friendly theme making sure your business does not miss potential clients.

You can display your real estate profile online to attract new visitors. The theme is user-friendly and easy to install. Included you receive many settings, shortcodes, and management functions. You can display posts, your team, testimonials, and more.

The theme you can customize according to your needs with more than 500 themes. You can change the background color, font, and use more than 600 Google Web Fonts. With Locate, you receive free updates and support when needed. Make this theme your real estate businesses home online now.

14. GriyaGRIYA

If you have multiple agents working for you and want them to add their own listings online you need Griya. This real estate WordPress theme has a clean modern design to use with any type of real estate business.

The theme is cross-browser compatible and you can install the theme with the available one-click demo. Choose from four slider displays and use the flexible header and footer. Your visitors can use the advanced search to find appropriate listings. You can display your listings with a list or grid layout.

See how many visitors visit a certain page with the visitor counter to keep track of how many people are using your site. Customize your site with the more than 700 Google Fonts and set them in different sections to make your pages unique. The theme is even right to left text aligned and includes a language translator.

The theme is also widget ready for property search, agent lists, recent property, popular posts and more. On each listing, you can add the property status, price, type, city, area and more. Try Griya out and see what this theme can do for your real estate business online.

15. Homeland

Homeland WP Real Estate ThemeAnother real estate WordPress theme with a charming design is Homeland. This theme offers you a nice balance to create a stunning realtor website. The theme is retina ready and responsive for to use with any type of screen. Your listings will pop out and come to life when used on different devices.

While creating your website you will have no shortage of shortcodes and you have two theme layouts you can use. There are multiple custom page templates and widget ready. Installing the demo is a breeze and if you have any problems, the developers are available to help.

You receive the Homeland theme with loads of customization options and fully documented.

16. Fastmap  FASTMAP

Fastmap is a simple and easy to use real estate WordPress theme with Google Maps included. You can set the theme up based on your country and set the currency according to your preference. You can attach a broker to each property or hide it if needed.

Brokers can register through your website and add their own listings while you manage it according to your needs. The advanced search engine features the size of the rooms, bedrooms and more. The website is fully responsive and retina ready to use on different mobile devices and platforms.

There is a Google Analytics tracker and the theme is easy to setup and translate. You can configure the administrative zones and use the multiple color layouts to make the pages unique and stand out. If you want to get your real estate listings online, try Fastmap out now.

17. WP Rental WP Rental

For a booking platform to offer properties for rent WP Rental is perfect. You can have your visitor’s signup and publish their own listings while making a commission for the submissions. You can have each property set up with a default price per night or different pricings per night over seven days.

The theme supports custom periods, price, and a calculator, booking fees, number of guests and more. Each property owner can add elements and set up a price per night. With the included Icalendar, you can synchronize your bookings from other platforms or export data to other websites.

You can accept payments from different gateways or have users do a wire transfer when publishing their property with you. You can monitor a private internal message system with contact information on the owner profile page. It is easy to get started by clicking the demo and edit.

With the Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, and add-ons you can have the WP Rental them customized in no time.

18. KastelKastel

Kastel is a highly customizable real estate theme with an extensive admin interface. With the simple one-click demo design, you can have your business online attracting new visitors.

The great thing is you need no coding knowledge to customize the theme, as everything is available for you. Choose your preferred homepage from six different layouts and use the slider revolution plugin included. With the Visual Composer, you can build different pages and post different property listings.

You can display videos, images, and text information with the property you want to sell. The included Google Maps fully customizable and makes it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for. There are seven font icon sets, slide area, a property filter opener, social widgets, and blog list widget.

If you want to get the word out you are dealing with property try Kastel out.

19. ZuhausZuhaus Real Estate WordPress Theme

Another efficient and customizable property theme is Zuhaus. With this theme, you also get an extensive admin interface to manage online property listings.

Customize the pages according to your needs with the included Visual Composer page builder. The great thing is this theme has everything you need to customize property posts. You can feature single property listings, agencies, or an agent lists the features endless.

You can add the mortgage calculator, a recently viewed property and allow users to log in with their social media accounts and more. With the iHomefinder and IDXPress, plugin clients can find what they are looking for with ease. Display images of the property or use a video to boost sales.

Your visitors will enjoy a smooth page transition and they can use the fully customizable Google Maps to do their search. Encourage visitors to share information with the social media icons making it easier to market your business.

No matter what your real estate needs are Zuhaus will make sure users find you online.

20. Dream VillaDream Villa

If you want to promote a single property, Dream Villa has the right design for you. Whether you are renting out your property or trying to sell it this theme is great to use on a short-term basis.

Your visitors will be able to everything they need on the homepage layout when checking out your property. You can display full-screen photos, the location and highlight it on the Google Maps.

This helps your customer to interact with you easily if they need to ask any questions.

If your visitor wants to make a booking and check the availability, they can use the reservation tool to secure a reservation. Attract more visitors with the include Dream Villa blog templates to increase visibility on the search engines. Setting up and customizing the website is easy with the Visual Composer page builder.

Even the Slider Revolution slideshow tool offers you a creative option to make your property prominent for potential users. Dream Villa is an amazing theme to use you can try the demo out here.

21. Solus Solus

Another single property real estate WordPress theme listing is Solus. If you want to promote your own home for rent or sale this is a suitable choice for you.

This is one of the easiest themes to use and has all the demo content you need to create your own website. Included you receive instructional videos to get you started with online support. You can create your own color scheme and upload background images with graphics of your home.

The theme has a full-screen homepage slider to help promote your home with auto-scrolling of featured images for visitors to see. You receive helpful page templates for visitors to find you easily and know more about the property. They can use the Google Maps, view a gallery of the property, and make an appointment with you online.

Solus is perfect if you do not want to create a fully functional real estate website.

22. BrixeyBrixey WP Theme

Enhance your real estate property site with Brixey. The theme has four intro layouts you can use with an image slider, video input, static images, and slideshows.

To match your branding you can choose from a light to dark sin with two types of homepage versions. There are six project layouts to display your property in a grid, grid with caption, wide, masonry and more. The theme is retina ready and responsive to work on different screen displays.

You receive an advanced theme option to customize the pages according to your needs. With the Visual Builder, you can have your website fully functional in no time. Choose from unlimited colors and create a unique contact form for visitors to get in contact with you.

The great thing is the Brixey is search engine optimized making it easier for users to find your business online. You can use the Google Custom Fonts or upload your own to make your site only one of its kind. The nice thing is you receive continuous updates displayed on your WordPress Dashboard to keep things up to date.

23. Estato Estato

Estato is another responsive and retina ready real estate WordPress theme. You receive included an unlimited grid portfolio with gallery layouts.

Using the page builder is lighting fast and includes four header layouts with a sticky header. You can use the portfolio shortcode included for static pages and blog posts and it is SEO ready.

Highlight single property rentals and sales on the full width and boxed blog grid layout.

The theme is translation and Child Theme ready with unlimited portfolio layouts. You receive an options panel, distinctive typography, and a quote calculator.

24. Hometown Hometown WordPress Theme

If you are planning to build a real estate website, nothing displays your property listings better than Hometown. Visitors can sign up to your site using the front-end forms and start adding their property listings.

There is a theme control panel where you can decide if this is a free resource site or if you want to charge your users a fee. The great thing is you can still monetize the site with your AdSense ads or use it to sell advertising space. You receive two sliders to display the properties in an attractive way.

You can use the listing comparison feature making it easier for users to find what they are looking for. If you plan to use it as an estate agency website, your staff can set up their own profiles with listings. This is a great theme to own if you want to create a community-driven property website.

25. RealiaRealia

Realia is an SEO streamlined real estate WordPress theme designed for estate agents and agencies. You can display important information with engaging images on different pages of this theme.

The great thing is your business is seen on all the search engines with the search engine optimization. This allows you to rank higher on the SERPs. What makes the theme easy to use is that visitors can add their own listings on the homepage with the front-end submission.

Another benefit is you will not miss potential customers with the retina ready and responsive design. The truth is the majority of visitors use their smartphones to access the internet and your website will display on different screen sizes with ease. You can customize the color of your pages and change the background with the included layouts.

You can even make changes in real time with boxed or full-width version.

26. OpalhomesOplahomes

If you are a single property owner and want to sell your home or rent it out Opalhomes is the best real estate theme to use. You receive flexible layouts included with more than nine unique demos.

You can become creative with unlimited features offered to build your own outstanding property website.

The pages are easy to customize and build with the free page builder, slider revolution, and the Opal Single Property Plugin. There are property features, property description, floor plan, schedule a visit, nearby places, contact agent, and the list goes on.

With the one-click design, you can easily replicate the demos and use the control panel with useful options to manage the site. Choose from four homepage variations and make Opalhomes your businesses home online.

27. Javo Home JavoHome

For another newly released real estate WordPress theme, get your hands on the Javo Home. The theme gives you the freedom to customize it any way you want. The control panels detailed with loads of settings. Included is a Visual Composer page builder plugin.

You can easily personalize your site with the feature without the need of coding. Furthermore, you receive the Revolution Slider and are great to create animated slideshows. You can display your property in an attractive way with photos in a single listing.

The demo offers you a one-click installation and all the features included are made to create a real estate website. You have the AJAX search took, local amenities, full mobile responsiveness, front-end submission forms, and Google Maps.

28. PropperPropper WP Theme

Propper is an architectural and real estate one page landing WordPress theme. You get a professional and stunning landing page to display all your important business information. You receive eight different header section designs with email input fields.

There is a countdown timer, video presentation, floor/apartment selector and more. You can choose how to navigate the site with the two navigation styles included. Additionally, you get more than 20 predefined elements with working forms and more.

If you only want the basics to get your brand known and out, there the Propper theme can get you there.

29. Perfetto Perfetto Property WordPress Theme-Real Estate WordPress Themes

Perfetto is a premium real estate WordPress theme offering you everything you need to set up your business online. You can use it as a real estate agency or real estate marketing website the choice is yours.

Built around the monetization use you can charge your visitors a onetime fee when listing their property. Another benefit is you can charge users a daily fee to have their listing featured on the homepage. Customers can use the front-end submission to add property listings and you can manage listings from the On My Listing page.

The theme is WooCommerce ready and you receive unlimited layouts to customize your website. Use the more than 800 Google Fonts and Vector Icons to make your pages prominent from the rest. Installation takes less than 10 minutes and with one-click, you can have the demo installed.

The design is fully responsive and offers visitors a user-friendly property search with interactive map search. Another benefit for you the themes well documented and the developers offer you 24/7 support.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a real estate agent, agency, broker or want to start a community property website we have got you covered. Choose one of the above real estate WordPress themes and make your business stand out online today. They are easy to use and offer you loads of property features you can use to generate an income online. Try one out today, you will not be disappointed.

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