As a web designer you don’t have to develop every page of the website like it’s a new page. It’s time consuming and pretty much not necessary at all. It doesn’t help with navigation and affects SEO rankings too. It puts off your visitors and possible regulars.

Plethora of WordPress themes

When it comes to quick and easy websites, WordPress theme is your ticket. It offers a plethora of designing aesthetics for your website. It is available in a range of prices. Tons of amazing looking themes are free of cost. You can custom design themes that come at a premium.

Use case of templates

You need to be creating templates. Plenty of website themes support such system. Forget designing a new page every time. Start creating templates that can be used over and over again. You can export to rest of your pages in the same website or somewhere else too. We need to ensure these templates are created properly.

Best practices with template based designing

A homepage either contains very little information or features excessive preview content. That’s how websites are built these days. There is definitely two ways designers go about it. Regardless of how designers worked on it, there is going to be a bunch of internal links in the homepage.

The links lead you to different pages in the website. Putting in social media and contact buttons, preferably floaters on top right of these pages is a good practice. Feature these always accessible contact buttons.

Navigation bar

Immediately following the website header section, you need your navigation tabs. Putting in up to ten navigation links on these tabs is well past its sell-by date. Nowadays, your navigation bar should preferably contain just 4-5 internal links. It helps with the aesthetics and from a SEO standpoint too.

You should look to work on your conversion rates as early as possible. You don’t need a navigation link to the homepage. Logo or the main graphic does that for you. It’s time to get focused. Tell something about yourself. Have pages like, ‘About us’, ‘What we offer’ and blog section. You don’t need the outdated contact page, which is often exploited by people trying to sell SEO/SMM services.

Easy to skim web pages

Keep the amount of content consistent across pages. Keep it in range of 300-500 words. It will look like an article more often than not. You can involve 2% of keyword saturation, preferably coming from H1, H2 headers. Keep your pages easy to be skimmed. Make the bold text include the keyword. If in the highly unlikely case of search engines failing to notice it, people definitely will. Content is again an integral part of your website aesthetics, along with design.

Use a sidebar

Get a sidebar for all your pages. WordPress widgets help you in creating one. You can load a useful app in it. Alternatively, you can load your AdSense ads in it to generate revenue. It helps engage with the visitors in variety of ways. It supports top two niche revenue models – AdSense and affiliate.